• "I am not afraid no one will ever want to spend the rest of their life with me, I am afraid no one who does will love me in a way that makes me feel like the tiny ceramic box from Greece that I wrote about in third grade when we were given the writing prompt If you had to save one thing from a burning fire, what would it be? "

    Made in Greece or somewhere, anywhere

  • "He wished for her and she said, No, never. He repeated a perverted prayer every night for seven years until he saw her in the airport on his way back home to Cleveland. “It’s cold there, I hope you have your coat.” As if he had forgotten home. As if wishes wore clothes."

    Flight delays (A 53-word story)

  • "I opened googlemaps / to get directions / from my parent’s driveway / to Niagara Falls. / I don’t think I have ever / missed everything as much as when / I saw myself as a gold star / next to the name of a city I do not love. / There is no good way to measure / the distance between / current location / and the idea of home."

    27.3 miles